Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hives vs. Poison Ivy

For those of you that know me, you know I have bouts of hives for the duration of my married life, sorry honey, I know it is not because of you. But really, it has been some hard times of suffering. Itchiness untold. Scratching mercilessly. But, they come few and far between nowadays. Antihistamines help, but they have caused other concerns when taken for long periods of time, so I ingest them rarely.

So, now I have a sneaky tormentor who wants a challenge in the war of itchiness. Poison Ivy.

Yes, I must have found a non-friend while camping this past weekend, and it has taken up residence in the crease of my arms. Yes, the tender, warm area where it can flourish and spread. But, I am on the warpath. I have read 1,001 remedies and tried most of them in a short 24 hour period. I am just hoping none of the other less tolerant members of my family have to endure this adventure.

I will let you know which remedy works. I did wake up to weather in the 60's, it is a good day.


Melissa said... sincerest condolances! I'll pray it dries up quickly!

Jeanne said...

Girl, you need to talk to my Joey about that Magnetic P.I. That's some bad stuff.

Prairie Rose said...

Yuck... I've become somewhat of a professional on the subject. You should read this post I wrote in August!