Friday, October 17, 2008

GO Mustangs!

This ain't Texas, but there are some folks around these here parts that still like a good ol' highschool football game. JV, even. We were some of those people last night. Conrad our nephew, #51, plays football, and we went to cheer him on.

He is a great joy in our lives, and he makes us very proud. The girls love him so much and smother him, to say the least when he is around. Steve and Conrad have a special bond, it is so amazing and at times annoying to watch; mostly because I am completely ignored. But, it is one of my little treasures.

So, back to football. Only two games left, down we drove to Bradenton. They won! Good ball playin'.Good concession eatin', just call us athletic supporters. Good company. Good cowbell ringin'. Good burgers by Five Guys. Nice pics!

And then there were tears. Oh, Tampa Rays! Steadfast. Hold on. Maybe so.

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Xandra@Heart-of-Service said... and Five Guys. What more could you ask for?