Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

This is amazing! How Great He is!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot wheel school!

Sir Issac Newton would have been happy to spend the day with us recently as we were focusing on the concepts of acceleration, friction, speed, velocity and the Laws of Motion. We thought it would get accomplished with great success if we made it FUN! Therefore, everyone brought a Hot Wheel car and we spent the day practicing these words and laws!

The end is near....Co-op will be ending and it has been a super year of Science. Electricity and the Science Fair is all that is left. Then we get to look forward to next year and learn all about FLORIDA!

Best Sleepover Ever!

Weeks have flown by and Olivia has been eight since the 2nd! We celebrated by having the Greatest Fun and Games Sleepover with ten of her friends! It was a night to remember and one she has had on her list of things to do for the longest. She and four of her close group of friends have a birthday within days of each other so it is a time of bargaining and scheduling when it comes to April parties. This was the year of Olivia's sleepover. Stephanie's contribution was that it needed organized games. So I pulled out all the stops and tried to make it happen!
No cake for this one! She wanted ice cream with all the fixings! She even painted all the insides of the waffle bowls with chocolate!

All the girls! They were all so cute with their flower headbands! What a special crew!

The first group of games were relays. We balanced dice on forks. If you made it then it was two high. Then three. Maddie and Alma were the most graceful of the bunch.

Next race was outside eating donuts off of strings with no hands. Some even ate it off the ground so they could WIN!

Next we played pass the lifesaver on a toothpick. They were hilarious...and some of them were missing teeth, so it was even funnier!

There are crazy huge Easter marshmallows out this year and they are shaped like Bunnies! Therefore we had to play the gagalicious game called "I love chubby bunnies!" Stuffing them in to the mouth and saying the quote will make those who are watching want to gag! Maddie and Emma won...but off camera Kay Kay got five in her mouth before she almost threw up in my kitchen!

Another realy was blow up your balloon and then sit on it to pop it with your butt! They were so funny!

A favorite of the night that we played several rounds of was the ball game! Sitting in a circle and tossing it around, when you caught the ball you had to answer the question that your thumb was touching. The questions were really important ones like, "Who is your hollywood crush?" "What are you most scared of?" "What was your last dream about?" " What would your superhero talent be?" They were funny!

For dinner we made personal pan pizzas! They all got to make their own with their choice of toppings.

Present time was great. Squeals and screams dominated the time! All the girls went home with special gifts of bracelets, lip gloss and those cute flower headbands The part of the evening I had been waiting for was the Fear Factor game! Oh I knew it was going to be fun. We played five rounds. The winner would get five bucks! These girls wanted that money at any cost! They outlasted ice cubes, grasshoppers, onions, smelly sardines, eating babyfood and finally Raelynn won!

Maddie lasting a minute in a jar with large grasshoppers!

At eleven thirty the movie went in, popcorn was made and blankets brought out....By 1:30 all eyes were closed, and I would have done it all again the next day cause this bunch of girls were a blast. It was a fun party and my little eight year old loved it too!