Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Changes

Stephanie and Olivia have started a new year of school.

Olivia was bound and determined to go to public school this year because a few of our closest friends had made that decision. She told me things like, "You are holding me back", "You give me good grades and I do not deserve them, I need a taste of the real world", "I can get up that early and go to bed early, I promise."... after a heart to heart, I found that she really was just sad about losing her quality time with her besties. She also had convinced herself that she needed all the extra work that comes in a regular classroom of test taking hints and practices, because she just knew she would fail if she sat down to the FCAT. So, of course as most of you know, we had us some serious laying on the bed counseling time. We both shared our hearts and shed a few tears and then we went and bought school clothes, school supplies ( the glittery notebooks and neon gel pins) and made our plans for 4th grade! She is blazing through her subjects. She has grown leaps and bounds in her confidence. Math is her favorite, she loves having a teaching session on the computer and writing her work, compared to a worksheet! Reading has been a burr in her saddle... always in the shadow of her sister the "book-devourer"... but I think she found her place. She was given a goal of three books and within two weeks she has completed them! She is begging me to take her to the library later today! She is sure happy to still be at home, and she knows we always have her best in mind.

Stephanie has been thrilled since she knew she was going to participate in Florida Virtual School this year. She was willing to make the change from it being all of my assignments to being under the care of someone else. Because of completing two years of fifth grade to get her into her age appropriate grade, she had gotten bored and a little lazy in her work. She was still an A student, but tired of the "way" we did school. Now, after two weeks of online school, she has gotten used to the system and is even more proud of her A's. She spent quite a bit of time in the world of Fantasy with the Rick Riordain series this summer, so she was ready for some realistic fiction... so much so that she lost her Kindle after sneaking under the covers until almost midnight the other night reading. Yes, that was a hard punishment to give out, but she is a sleeper-inner... and that was not helping. I think her other favorite of school is her new devotional which includes a craft with each week! She is serious about her crafts!

Tonight piano lessons resume and then in September we will be adding a few other things to our school calendar on a weekly basis... How blessed we are to have this life.

The other big change going on around here is Cheerleading for Pop Warner. Their group is called Wolfpack. Many evenings a week they are out learning chants, cheers, jumps and even dances. They have their uniform and this Saturday is their first game. They are in different squads, so that is double games on Saturday. They are so cute flipping around the house, pushing back the couch day after day to have room to practice. It is so nice to see them loving it! Thanks Grandparents and Grandmama for helping out with that expense!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

God girls

It has been a busy summer full of fun and adventure. Here are quite a few pictures of 2012. This is one of the girls favorite singers, Jamie Grace, from album One song at a time, track 6, God girl. Times and memories are not few with friends and family.