Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Business around the house!

Whether it was an afternoon snack, or decorations for Halloween and Fall, these girls were very busy over the weekend. With a little help from Pinterest and their creativity, I loved all the new additions to our home.

Date afternoon with my dude!

A Saturday in mid October, Steve and I went out for the afternoon. We left our girls at home, a perk to them growing up, and headed out for some time together. We enjoy each other's company and talked non stop. We ended up at a new Thai Restaurant in Ocala, and it was so good! The decor was so fancy and the plates were inviting.
Red Curry for me, pad thai for him. We discussed so much our time just flew by.

 This is my view for my date. He is so funny. He had a little mishap when he got up to go to the bathroom, it seemed only the two of us heard, but we laughed and laughed about it for hours.
He found a friend to pose with.... the Cigar Indian.  Really. Too much!