Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer read

This new author is great at telling a story. I loved her spin on the whole southern culture and had loved the whole story revolving around a preacher's family. There is a great theme running throughout of forgiveness and expectancy. Gilmore's perspective on life in a small town is perfected. A statement made on the last page of the book sealed the deal and made me want to post about the book.
"Daddy said that Jesus talked in parables because people have a tendency to hear but not listen. They look but do not see. "
Get the book and it is a quick read, so you still have time as your summer winds up. Now, I need some help picking up a new book. Please, help a girl out and send me your ideas.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tons of fun

To warm up, these crazy girls used the tubes to dress up like the Michelin man and roll down a small hill....A few times they made us flinch with concern...but it all ended in laughter.
They both have sisters, but share a lifetime of memories already. Great friends.
On our last day, the girls went tubing down the river in Cherokee. It was shallow and safe, with good places to get in and get out. They actually dodged some men who were trout fishing and their hooks, but a craw fish could not dodge this pack of girls who had a mission to take him out!
Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest. Stephanie and Alma swam up under this 200 ft. falling water. It was also about 65 degrees. It was so amazing.

On one of the days that Samantha and I got to stay and do some help with painting, cleaning and hanging out with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Russ, Amy took the crew to Sheffield's mining. All the girls got a "loaded" bucket of dirt and started looking for treasures. They came home with bags full of pretty rocks and we got a lot of work done too. It was a special time to spend the day with these two great ladies, and we had plenty of laughs too!
Up in Cherokee, there is a BIG BOYS restaurant. It was right up there with national treasures, and some of the most scenic views we witnessed. We stopped so Samantha could run in and get her a burger to go....the best part was when the waitress asked her if she wanted it southern or the Ohio way....she about shouted..."the OHIO way!" It is compared to a Big Mac, but with tarter sauce instead of thousand island sauce. It was like reliving a memory for her.
This was back at the creek, where they were getting ready for the Jackson 5 rendition of ABC, Michael aka, Emma is missing due to her lack of clothing.
This is the Pisgah National Forest. It was one of the windiest roads I have ever driven. It was gorgeous. It lead us to the Cradle of Forestry, and to Looking Glass Falls. A day of absolute glory.

Down at the bottom of the road from the house on Goat Hill, Dirt Road or Fort Tatham campground, all locations are accurate, we went to play in the creek. I say we very loosely, since my feet were the only thing that actually went into the water. The dirt is very staining, so we let them go with very little clothing, so the pics are limited. They made mud piles that resembled an elephant visiting the area...minus the stink. They collected sooooo many rocks, because they were going to paint them later in the week.

Visiting the Cherokee Museum (well, the gift shop) resulted in everyone having pocket knives. Six girls all having "weapons". The best part was that Chloe wanted one because Olivia had one...and she said "that it wasn't fair since she was older (six months) and that she was going to go and eat a "five or one" (fiber one) bar and then go fart on Olivia, cause she had a pocket knife." They all got one and scrapped the bark off of a number of pieces of wood over the next week.
Our trip up to Sylva, North Carolina was one for the books. We had the most supportive husbands at home who stayed and worked so we could go play. They had some fun of their own and went back to their bachelor days with some of the meals they ate and hours they kept, but it was only a week.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ten hours of fun

It was a road trip to make the books...with a borrowed Garmin GPS, and six females in a packed van, a missed birthday celebration, and THE American Girl store awaiting us in Atlanta, we were mission minded but still stopped along I-75 to take a picture by the Georgia sign. Of course, we had too, it was Emma and Maddie's first time out of state.

We did not get to celebrate Grandma's birthday or Aunt Lee's or Aunt Dee Dee's at our annual July get-together, but we were represented by Steve and sent cute cards and a plant or two. The girls love their grandmother so much, she always takes the time to make a cake, plan a meal, or just pick up a little something special that makes her think of them. They are making requests for handmade doll clothes nowadays, and they always enjoy spending time with the family in Gainesville. We were sad to miss out on the party, but The American Girl store was a great plan.

The store is something like none other. Oh the dreams that filled their minds. After walking through the store, changing their minds a gazillion times, and stretching their $25.00, they settled on piercing their dolls ears, earrings, and glasses. They got some lessons on how to do hair and loved all the "stuff " in the store.

Stephanie told her Mee-maw on the phone while thanking her, "that even if she had a million dollars, she would not have enough to get all the things she wanted in the store." We both got a good laugh out of that one.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Alone in my house

Does this rarely occur???? Alone in my house??? YES! I almost wonder how I did this for so long before marrying Steve and having two sweet girls in just a short time. I do love my life.

It must seem to those of you who peek in on us at times that I must be so busy, I can only post once a week...well, it is really because our tales worth telling are in a little slump right now. Don't worry, I am sure it will pick up since I just sent my oldest off to her first OVERNIGHT CAMP!!!!! She is such a little adventurer, I am not sure where she gets it. She told us a number of times that she would be fine, AND she did not need us to visit on family night. She really put up with me over the week prior to her leaving with just my tidbits of advice... from not losing your drawers on the floor of the shower.... to not letting a bully pinch you.

How did I go away for a week of camp when I was her age?

She will only be gone for two nights. She is one of my greatest joys.

Between chores, finding old friends on facebook, and planning for our trip to North Carolina....oh yeah, it has been such a secret, I forgot to mention it!!!!!!!!!! It is a girls trip up to see our friends who are "summering" it, in NC. The Symonds girls are loading up and making the trip with will be loads of fun, I just hope I can survive a whole week without my defender of all, Steve. I hope the girls can make it without their Daddy. This is a first for sure.

Here are a few tips if you find yourself in the mullygrubs...and you are tired of mundane summer TV. Go see The Proposal. I love Sandra Bullock. I laughed OUT LOUD in this movie a number of times, in fact the women who sat in front of us said they enjoyed being roommates with us for the movie, because our laughter was contagious. If you have not made a digital scrapbook yet, upload those photos and get busy! I am working on my third. They are just great. Chicken kabobs are a great addition to any family's summer meals...marinate the meat in soy, use the grill, and there you go. Please baste them as they cook, it will be even better. Okay, those are my tips for now.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer TIME

First off, I am here to tell you there are not any pictures of our mundane-ness over the past two weeks due to the long and slow death of my camera. Unlike Michael Jackson, it did not get any hoopla for all the years of great memories it gave me. We did not sing songs or even buy it flowers. But I am about to spend a butt load of money on a new one. Lord help me.

Between a new found love for the two year old toy, Barbie mini-kingdom, (which I had posted for sale on Monday, only to be told within minutes that "WE ARE NOT GOING TO SELL THIS, I LOVE IT, AND WANT TO KEEP IT FOREVER!), there has not been a great deal of excitement around these here parts. It has rained almost everyday. I have all but called DISH and canceled our package due to the innumerable hours my daughters have spent watching Hannah, Carly, and Sonny. I cannot even bribe them outside with a Popsicle...because it is too hot, and they would rather eat it in the A/C while watching TV!

My carpet is now multi-colored in areas because I had this crazy idea of turning off the television and painting. Even with new canvases, their imagination seemed to be stunted in the off mode, yet they were able to drip NON-water color paint onto the beige carpet.

I have closets to clean, a school room to organize, bathrooms to scrub and bills to pay, but instead I too have found myself lost in the mini-kingdom wondering if Rapunzel or Annalise will pick up the cake from the bakery or get the cat from the vet. I will let you know later...gotta go, there is a flood in the castle....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Extra day of fun

Thanks to the calendar, we had a long weekend to celebrate our nation's birthday. The girls were into a plan, and even had a check list written out to make sure we got all the fun done.

Friday we went down to see Steve's parents in St. Petersburg. It is always fun and I leave with at least one great story... and we usually get to go to our favorite Thai restaurant (Osaka in Madeira Beach) while we are down there. It was just great. Red curry is my dish of choice. We even had some hours of sun left so we changed into our suits and hit the beach. The waves were a little choppy, so it was a short visit. The best part was on the way home when we decided to sing every patriotic song known to us. It was great. But then to our surprise we came up on early fireworks as we drove north on I-75. The display was so great, cars were pulling over just to watch.

What a great little treasure to add to our weekend, especially since not five minutes before we had let the girls know we would not be seeing any of the BIG fireworks this year. HA!

Saturday was met with plans to go and see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. We sure did laugh...I think I dreamed about Sid last night, even heard his accent. We did a little shopping and ended up at the Symonds for dinner, fun and fireworks. The Cannon crew ended up joining us, so it was extra fun. With great delight, the fireworks that we ended up seeing and the "boys" lit, were spectacular. I was amazed. Scared at times too. And it even hurt my budget just thinking about the dollars that were going up in smoke, and I did not buy any!

Today was church and it is always good to be with family. Steve and got settled to watch Wimbledon recorded on our DVR, silly me thinking it would make a great afternoon of fun with my honey....good gracious hours and hours later, hungry kids later, it finally ended. My heart was sad for Roddick, and I even had a tear when I saw his wife trying to hold it together for him. What a great weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mercy Street Ministries

I have mentioned this incredible ministry that is in West Dallas before, but I feel like it needs repeating. They have some serious favor on them from our God and Savior.

Oh, if you have a few minutes or hours (you pick) you should grab a box of milk duds and a diet coke (that is for you Melissa) and sit down and read what is going on in this family and ministry.

I am just a fan folks, of Trey and Melissa and their ministry. I am inspired when I read about their constant and unselfish daily giving of whatever is needed. I read her blog and have many times been left a changed person because of the truth she speaks.

Today was special because a man of great honor and due respect visited there. Whatever your views are politically, be proud for Mercy Street Ministries.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great summer read

Here is a book you should consider for your summer read list. It was suggested to me by my great friend and bookista Amy. I was left inspired. It made me want to grab a glass of lemonade and go find a porch to sit on. I wanted to hear some stories of times past from someone who had seen and lived things I had never imagined. It made me again see our blessings of pleasant homes, a steady income and good health as temporal. This book is well worth your time.