Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stephanie's 7th birthday

Our little girl is seven. I am not believing it. She wanted an "artist" birthday party with her friends, and so after our great visit to a pottery shop in North Carolina, we got the itch to work with our hands. We went to a local ceramic shop and had a day of painting. It was a wonderful day. Who knows, some of you might get to have one of our works of art someday...

We also had the treat of being with Steve's side of the family from Gainesville and Colorado this past week. It is always great to take the time to be together. All of the kids are growing up so fast - where does the time go? Well, after a few loads of laundry and some packing, we are off to our first camping trip of 2008...thanks to all who helped make our holidays so great and memorable.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas mania

Well, we finally did it. We have set up a blog for our family and friends to watch our girls and their antics. We have thought of doing it for a while, so we decided to start our new years resolutions early. So many of you are away from us, and we try to cram all of our remembering of events into a short gathering around the holidays. This leaves us all worn out and feeling like it was a Stephanie and Olivia show. Now we hope you all will be a part of our blog and at times hear my voice or Steve's as we share our lives.

We had a great surprise of Stephanie singing her first solo in our christmas program. She had kept it a secret and left both of us shocked. We also had Olivia boldly share her first speaking part from stage in their short nutcracker rendition. She was so proud as were we.