Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First month

Whew, what a first month of being 43! That is all I can refer these feelings back to for some sort of understanding.
*I feel more loved by my great husband than ever and have a new special spot for a sweet new nephew.
*I have a friendship with a woman I have never met in person, but who has buried herself deep into my heart, dreams and prayers. I feel privileged to carry this burden.
*I see opportunities to be quiet and like it rather than not feeling heard.
*I have had some real practice at practicing my boundaries with some success and with some failures.
*I have had a soft spot of my past tugged at as I find my idle thoughts going towards a family in Tennessee with four young girls and their mother's plight with cancer. They serve the Lord. With vigor. And yet, they are walking this road of pain. Yet, I know God's plan is the best, NO MATTER WHAT!
*I am reading Beth Moore's new book and saying so long to insecurity...and how it shows up in my life, and how I would like it to leave.
*I got the ea active for the wii, and have had the sorest thigh muscles ever.... will keep it going!

That sums it all up in a short list....

Stephanie went kayaking yesterday and hiking with a group of kids in Ocala. She had a great time, and it is just the first of many adventures she will go on without me in this life. She keeps spreading her wings, and the years keep passing, soon she will fly.

Olivia is finding her strength in other areas, she is a video-holic. I never saw that coming. She will sit for hours and beat the clock, or some random character who lives in Mario world. She got her first "hollywood" magazine, and hung up posters on her wall. It is kind of funny seeing her crush...many have been here before!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dr.Seuss Land

"Oh, the places you will go!" when you have a "red fish" or a "blue fish" or even "one fish" maybe "two fish". Imagine what it would be like to be a "Cat in the hat"! But the best part is convincing Sam I am, to like the "green eggs and ham". We just usually use her nickname, which is Olivia.

What fun we had. The eggs looked quite gross, but they were yummy!

This was our fourth author study of the year. Dr. Seuss.Who will be our fifth? Any suggestions?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday celebration

A night 0ut with the girls to a great sushi restaurant....topped it off with coffee and cupcakes...life is better with friends. My shoutouts on facebook made me feel so loved too!

Stephanie made her contribution to my night out by making playdoh sushi...she has been creating the coolest things!
We had a family celebration too with a night of wii. The Beatles Rock band time was almost more than a girl could take. I am horrible at the guitar!
SHOW-OFFS! Like these two don't do this all the time.
And Samantha made a cake to celebrate. It was delish! So good to be loved.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knighting by the King

Our home school group traveled to Gainesville for the Hoggetown Renaissance Faire. It was so fun. There was an odd group of folks, but great entertainment. The jousting was amazing. The girls getting to shoot a real bow and arrow was really cool too. More pics to come.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man, my nephew

This is my sister Kaitlyn and her new little boy. His name is either Aiden or Finn....time will tell.
Daddy Paul. Oops, a little revealing, don't look if you are squeamish....Big feet!

Born at nine thirty, via a Cesarean and finally in the room at 12:30! Worth the wait!

Big, but we thought bigger! Long too....20 inches. We decided our babies like to stay inside and cook, all of us were late, and all had long babies....He is so precious.

Finally clean and ready for the burrito wrap....Look at those toes!