Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bushnell Fall Festival

Not participants, just mere spectators this year! I must admit, I was keeping this secret from my family...hoping that we would skip it this year, you know, just give it a break this year...well, thanks to Ms. Postmaster they were clued in to the festivities and therefore we put it on the to do list! It was a fun day, and we saw some fancy twirling seniors from The Villages, and the people watching was worth the morning out. The girls were on a budget, using their own money, and they did very well. The ladies from Mount Moriah Baptist Church made some vittles that were "slap-your-momma" good: collards, chicken perleau, black-eyed peas and fried chicken!

Stephanie has wanted to climb a rock wall for the longest time. She used her money and was able to do it! She was awesome!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A horse kind of day!

We went up to Gainesville to visit the Aunts and the horses. To celebrate a friend's birthday (super late) we made plans to spend the day with Lady and Trooper. The girls were so excited sleep was hard to find and breakfast was even more difficult. But once there, they seemed to be in heaven. They jumped right in with directions from Aunt Marge with the brushing and jobs to be done for the prep of riding.
Lady and Olivia getting in some grooming time.
Taylor fell in love with Trooper and did not care how dirty she had to get!

Stephanie was a little trepidatious over the large animals, but she persevered and made the choice to have a great time. She was very brave.
Lady had to be rode with the Aunts on the lead rope, because she gets a little fussy! Lady is a beautiful horse and lovely to watch.
Lady is over 15 hands high.
Taylor rode Trooper like a pro. She was able to get him into a trot and even into a canter. She was patient and seemed to be a natural.
Trooper earned his name this day, all the girls took their turns pulling on the reins and leading him this way and that. It was such a great time.
Olivia just took over and lead Trooper all around one end of the ring back and forth over and over. She let him have weed treats and had complete control over him. I was very proud!
We ended the day rewarding the horses for their hard work, and then rewarding ourselves as well. Having lunch with Grandmama and Aunt Dee Dee was icing on the cake!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where has the time gone?

It feels like yesterday was September and all of a sudden it is almost the middle of October. We have been a little busy around here. We have decorated for Fall, and Olivia has found a new hobby called vacuuming! I love it! She has taken the horns of second grade and came on full speed ahead! She is loving reading now, which makes me more relaxed. I need that since I have been spending the last eight weeks or so popping antihistamines and trying to figure out the abundance of hives all over me! I lived with this for the first five years of our marriage, and I am not about to do that again....but I must testify, this weekend has been so much better!

We are knee deep in American history, focusing on the Presidents and sights that they will get to see in November when we go north to Washington DC! Science co-op is so great, I hate to brag, but it is GREAT! We are in the middle of body systems which have proven to be very thought provoking to my kids. Apparently, my kids are the questioners like none of their peers. I got some doozies this week, and this is without even bringing the reproductive system into play! Oh my! Olivia shared with me how strong love must be for her to grow in my tummy, yet she looks like her dad....she knows it is cause we are married, but "that is some really strong love!" Yes, this is the kind of stuff I get!

We have two additions to our family. Bob and Dart!
This was craft afternoon when they were trying to channel Betsy Ross and plan their own flag!
Kay-Kay is now working at our local ice cream shoppe and that means we are visiting it a little more often. Monday nights are kids eat free night along with face painting and balloon man!!!! They loved it!
I saw this truck the other day after the GATORS lost so badly to Alabama! Funny stuff. Between the Bucs and the Rays, it is big fall sports around here!
You will hear no complaining from me about how great our weather has been this past week. We have been sleeping with windows open and the girls are starting school a little later due to yard time in the morning. The other day, they got tempted by the pool, it still looks so appealing, but after about five minutes in, they were out and chattering at the back door. It did not take much convincing for me to make them some hot cocoa with a marshmallow on top!
I was reminded again this past week at the uncertainty we have of really puts things into spilled koolaid and the getting out of bed one more time. I want to remember in each moment the blessings and gifts I have.