Monday, September 30, 2013

The winds blew!

What a night....our neighbor came over and told us the bad news after a storm blew in. At least insurance covered it! Now, if only the headliner had not started coming down. Guess my fix it skills are going to be tested!

Date night with Dad

Olivia went out and had a date night with her Dad to celebrate her first week at school. They ended up at the "As seen on TV" store. Dangerous people. Very dangerous.

 Another night we all went out on a date for SUSHI! It was super good and these two are such great company. We are sure taken care of by this incredible husband of mine!

New School Year 2013-2014

Okay, so it is not the first day of school anymore, I know. But I am going to post about it! We actually are about to finish the first nine weeks soon, but it's a Monday, so it feels fresh and new!

Olivia began fifth grade at Bushnell Elementary School. Her teachers are Amanda Yates and Dawn Moses. We are so excited about the big changes. Olivia loves school. She has figured out how to study for a test, come right home and get homework done, use her time management skills, and she has no problem making friends. She likes taking her lunch to school, and she is one who likes a challenge. She is pushing for straight A's, but there are two B's that are making her work HARD!
 Stephanie started seventh grade at South Sumter Middle School. She has seven different teachers. She has mostly advanced classes and she loves it! Her favorite is different every day. She is taking chorus and art, has cheerleading 3 days of the week and is very busy. She is making straight A's and loves the independence of her education. She has had to learn the trials of riding a school bus and the blessing it is to be picked up. Having her Aunt Rhonda there is such a comfort for this big transition.

 This is what Stormie does all day when we are gone.
 School shopping. Goofballs!
I also started back to school this year. How interesting has this path been that I had mentioned over 12 years ago. I have loved homeschooling. The treasures are wide and deep that we have of this time. I would never trade it. This now though, is my  new path. I started teaching K-1 Reading for the first 6 weeks of school. We all had fun decorating the classroom. I am sure it will be more than I bargained for, but it will also be like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer fun!

 First week long camp for the girls. IT was so much fun, they slept for days once they got home!

 Painting ceramics and SkyZone!

 High five frozen yogurt!

Grandma's 75th!

A good old fashioned southern style birthday celebration we had for Mickie. Steve's mom is always doing for others, and we wanted to let her know how much we appreicate her. His Dad had BBQ ribs for the first time ever. WHAT? Yes, he is one who plans a meal with potato salad, ribs, baked beans, tea, cole slaw, mac and cheese and the fixins. We sat around a watched a Rays ballgame with her, it is one of her favorite past times. These days are special, especially because this was way back in July!

More July fun!

 A quick day at the beach did not work out as planned. The storm clouds rolled in, and playing in the streets like when Steve was a kid and a few mustaches helped us make the best of it!

Then we headed up to North Carolina.

We were only gone for a few short days, but we got in so much fun! We went to Asheville and then around Whittier. From an outdoor concert with Hoopin' going on to finding a suspension bridge and braving the elements! We had snowice once, after all, its just sugar water! Thanks as always to our super great missed wonderful none like them friends, Amy and Brent! 

How can this be?

I am surprising even myself at the lack of responsibility I have with this blog. NO WAY HAS IT BEEN SINCE JULY, SINCE I HAVE POSTED!!!!!

Reality has set in.

I will be doing some quick catch ups over the next few days and get caught up before October hits. Really no one cares except my dear parents-in law who read this and keep up on their girls. And then there is the one and only Grandmother Diczok who must have wondered a few times if we had fallen off the earth. At times when she can't stand it, she blows up our phones to get caught up, but here I go. Please forgive me. Onward.

July 4th

Fun at the McDonald's house!

We made all kind of goodies. Including chocolate chip overed oreos, all american cupcakes and Jeanne and Olivia were getting caught up on technology! Good friends!