Monday, October 13, 2008

Recess homeschool style and an itchy story

Bike riding, swimming in the pool, climbing trees, and now a new one, jumping on the tampoline with the hose attached to it is the new way to get some exercise in. Yes, with this blasted summertime heat, the girls are still wary of going outdoors. Some days are cooler than others, and it is always promising when the local weather man says we are due to get a cold front and then the seven day forcast is in the low eighties maybe even the seventies.

But, things could be worse. In fact, things were this past weekend. Not to bore any of you tens of people who read this blog, but it has been an itchy time. I never had poison ivy. "What?" You said, I am sure. How can someone "THINK" they have poison ivy and not!? I in my overachieving way of doing things, got a fungus amoung us, and badly reacted with it. After two trips to the doctors, countless applications of every fungual creme there is, and over the counter antihistamines, I got the good ones from the doc. A shot, some steroids, and some strong anti-inflammatories, and I am a woman on the mend. So, thanks for listening. Be glad you weren't itching and scratching. and scratching. and scratching.


lori said...

I hoped you called Joey, he is the poison ivy king, with Jake as the reigning prince

Nancy Douglas said...

I am so sorry for your itchies. My poor little daughter has had hives for 2 years (no joke or exaggeration) and after a multitude of doctors, we are still waiting for them to subside. My sympathy goes out to you. Get better soon!

Leslie said...

Recess homeschool style looks alot more adventurous than recess here at good ol' school. I am positive that my students would love to kick it homeschool style here at school!
I have never had the itchies like that but can imagine. I am glad you got the good drugs. It's funny how we always seem to try and medicate ourselves and try to avoid the DR. when we will take our kids there in a flash!
love ya

Luke said...

Sorry about the fungus... that does not sound fun.

But jumping on a trampoline with a hose is! I loved doing that a young'un.


Melissa said...

Yikes, on the fungus!

Name that line...

'Fungus, me, Fungus Maximus...these two are Fungus!'

Jeanne said...

You know what our family's theme song is, don't you???

Poison're gonna need an ocean, of what, of calomine lotion..woop woop, you'll be scratching like a hound..woop woop..the minute you start to mess around...with poision ivy.
I'll have to sing it to you. :)
I do hope the steriods bring you the sweet relief you so desperately need.

Jeanne said...

Hey, I reread your blog. NO poison ivy....fungus....bless your heart. Have you gotten to hear the "there's a fungus amongus" yet? :)

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Poor Jill! I know those steroids always help Connor when he is itching like crazy! You can join Connor with his favorite song on the Diego Live CD - Scratching, Scratching, I Love to Scratch! I hope it ends soon for you!