Friday, February 22, 2008

Where the wild things are

Our latest fieldtrip was to Dade City to Wild Things. It is a reserve for rescued animals. We were quite surprised to fine so many different and exotic animals. Everyone loved seeing them upclose, at times a little too upclose. As you can see in the pics we are mere inches away from wild big animals with just chain-link fence separating us.

The monkeys were funny because they were misbehaving instead of our kids. One of the most amazing sights was the black jaguar. We could see his spots as he laid out in the sun. The black panther seemed to be staring right into the camera, challenging us. Olivia was convinced that the little black potbellied pig was talking to her in a snorting language. We kept our eyes on the two bengal tiger brothers who were feeling invaded on and needed to mark their territory.

Riding on the trolley through downtown was fun too ! Go if you get a chance.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

celebrating love

This picture
makes me
smile and
feel loved!
Maddie needed
rescuing. She
was only 2 at
the time.
What a memory!

What makes me feel loved?
Kids offering a kiss or hug for no reason.
Snuggling up close to watch a good movie.
Friends giving up their time to listen about my life.
Dishes getting done without asking.
Clean sheets.
A full gas tank, not pumped by me.
A kind word said about my husband or kids.
A good foot rub.
Big brown eyes.
A toothless smile.
Hearing my student read a book aloud.
Being trusted.

Guess that means I am SO loved.
Happy Valentines Day !

Monday, February 4, 2008


Hanging out with friends at Olivia's pre-school co-op is always fun. This month we were at Abbie's house and had a circle time of sharing, songs and rhymes. Crafts, snacks and outside time was the best. The girls told me they had "herd-ed" the cows in the field...YIKES! To help get the fabulous superbowl weekend off to a great start, we had a bonfire at the Light's with loads of friends, and ended it at the Striker's on Sunday night with a house full of more friends and food. We are so blessed.