Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall football is better cause of cheerleaders!

 Three games down and three to go, Stephanie is quite the cheerleader! She is such a great example and full of joy. She smiles all the time and is very concerned about others. I have loved seeing her light shine so brightly and how she is jumping right into this adventure in life. She has been so diligent with her school work as well as the responsiblilities of cheering.

 We got rained out in the 4th quarter, but those girls went right on cheering!

 half time show

 Prayer time!


Happy Birthday Steve

 We celebrate for two weekends just because this guy is so very special. We had friends over for lunch and watched the BUCS game...they lost in the last 23 seconds. We had celebrated a little too early. But, it was still lots of fun! The girls baked him his lemon cake and bananna bread!
 Olivia played him a song.
 No money can compare to the love we have for him!
 The next weekend, along with a whole pasel of friends, we went to Gainesville and we went to Dragonfly, a sushi restaurant. It was amazing. We are already looking forward to our next visit. The top pic is a "cooked" was their signature roll. Never had anything like it!

This group of friends alone had five birthdays within three weeks of each other!

Meeting up with an old friend

Graciela is my dearest friend from Paraguay. She now lives in south Florida and yet we have not seen each other in years. About nine to be exact. She is a fire cracker. She is full of energy and talks a hundred miles a minute. I love her. We met up in the hotel lobby before she headed off to Night of Joy. She has two grown daughters, so it was fun for her to see me with mine...she wanted to go home with them. It was so much fun to see her. We already have another weekend planned, it has been too long.

Student of the Month

My fifth grader hit it out of the park the first month at school. She got student of the month. With all the changes happening around here over the past month or two, she has really adapted well to it all. Being responsible with her work, her chores, her attitude...she has been "a workman who needs not to be ashamed" at the results.

More weekend fun, Fort Walton Beach

TV time in the Master room.... always fun with Finn. 
 The outside shower was awesome, especially after coming home from the beach.

 There was an algae bloom, it was so so so gross. It was everywhere. No escaping. After the hour drive home, everyone stunk cause it was in our suits. Not even ice cream could make it okay for me. The others, ice cream always makes it better.

 Finn and Uncle Steve finding small crabs in the sand and exploring.
 Not expecting the high shore. Also the short area of beach. The water was not as beautiful as I had expected all this time! We'll try again another time!
 Always time to play in the sand!

Tallahassee and DeFuniak Springs Weekend

 Dinner out with Conrad...Delish!
 The Magnolia living in the Country Bear Jamboree, but with deer, elk and hogs.

 Enough fun to wear a girl out!
 My dream kitchen. Stove had a flat top, ice maker, dual fridge, two sinks and lots of counters!
 Out hunting the critters!
 Sitting in the hightop seat on the Ranger, it was a bumpy ride!
 Uncle Kyle was the driver, he only scared us a few times!
 Always a cheerleader!
 Funny part was, the tree was rotten, their feet went right in!
 Not daredevils. At all!
 Finn was our real entertainment. He arrived a day later than us. He brought us Krispy Kreme donuts from Tallahassee!!

 Some of the animals on the ranch.
 Only the guys shot the was SO loud!
Girl makeovers!