Friday, January 27, 2012

Rescheduled Sleepover!

Stephanie had her birthday back in December, but we have dragged it out to last over most of January! It is not because we just love celebrating... it just has been a month of sickness! WHew! But, just like January is coming to an end, so is the coughing and hacking and dosing of medicine morning and night.

We actually had rescheduled the sleepover for two weeks after Stephanie came down with fever...but when that day came around, her sister had the fever, and I just could not expose a bunch of girls and their families to this germ. So thanks to Aunt Sam and Uncle Aaron, we moved the party to her house. Now that is a true friend!

This was the cake that never got ate. Or lit with candles. It just sat there and looked pretty!

This sweet group of girls were hilarious. We ate meatball sliders with some munchies.

I had bought some necklace making supplies off of Etsy with hopes of making them for Christmas gifts, but the girls made them and they turned out so nice.

Jammies and makeovers. That pretty much took over the night. They are really good at it. Some of them have even watched youtube videos on how to put it on the right way!

And there was Just Dance 3!

Then we got all the supplies that had been donated for the pencil bags that Stephanie collected as part of her birthday Share. We had enough to make 60 pencil bags. The girls enjoyed packing the bags, and next week she will present them to Pastor Ron who is taking them to Nepal.

Stephanie received many nice gifts...duct tape being a highlight! We REgave her the sewing machine that she had changed her mind about not wanting. ;) It was a sweet surprise.

Kay Kay was there to support and help celebrate! They all adore her.

The highlight of the night was the CHOCOLATE fountain. Stephanie got this as a gift from Mee-maw and Aunt Kaitie! It was so fun! Easy clean up too! I definitely could have had more strawberries...

She is eleven. Lovely. Beautiful. Kind. Helpful. She is growing up. I am so proud of her and I love her so. Her heart is sensitive and she pushes herself to be good at many things. Her creativeness shines so brightly, she is not good at just one thing. What a treasure she is!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A worthy check-off list

I read this today, and I will tell you, Steve must have read this list long ago, because he could check off most of these ideas. He is a superb father. He shines as an example and my girls are the luckiest around. I knew back when we were figuring out this "wanna get married thing" that he was going to hit it out of the ball park when it came to fatherhood and being a great husband. It is not Father's Day, or our anniversary, not his birthday or even a holiday... but it is worthy of my first blog of the year 2012, and much much more.