Friday, October 3, 2008

Hunting armadillos

So sit right back and you'll hear a tale....

Okay, so it is not anything like Gilligan's Island, but it is almost as funny.

Monday we had a smaller group left camping. Just the Symonds and us. The girls had decided Uncle Aaron would be the best leader on a hunt to find some armadillos after dark. So they packed up their flashlights and loaded up into the back of a pickup. Off they went. They were gone all of 6.5 seconds and here one came mosing along up to the table where Samantha and I sat minding our own business. He was smelling those yummy grilled burgers we had just scarffed down. He did what armadillos do, he went sniffing around, and then stood up on his hind legs once trying to get Sam into his sights (we were told they have poor eyesight). So after this acrobatic dance of our little armored friend, we were disappointed to not have pics of the dance, this one will have to do.

Off Sam went to get the camera. Off the armadillo went in search for a quieter site. She returned camera ready and he was being standoffish. No good poses. So, I sneak around the back of him and at just the precise moment I clap, LOUD, like you want a light to come on with the old "clap on clap off gizmos" and stomp my feet and holler all at the same time...That armadillo hopped up and sailed right towards Samantha, which caused her to jump, scream, snap a pic of the tarp, and run. That poor little animal did not know what to do. He took off into the bushes, Sam and I doubled over grabbing our guts for laughing so hard. We cried. Had to sit, or else pee. And just about that time, here came the truck of kids and dads.

Out they jumped to tell us of their adventure. We tried to be happy for them. We tried not to brag about our own hunt. They were a little sad for missing out, but they had seen a bunny. Aaron was not to be outdone. He grabbed a net (yes, fishing net folks, the kind you use to get the really big fish in rather than crack the pole)and off they all headed again to find a poor unsuspecting armadillo who was just looking for a few crumbs left behind. Well, success came and he scooped one up, but like all the "big ones" it got away.

Thanks for reading, don't be sad, you too can go hunting for armadillo if the mood strikes. I say, invite the Symonds, it is bound to be more fun.


Melissa said...

Girl, we're planning our first ever family camping trip with my 'metro man' leading the way...hehe...ok, he's following me, of course. Anyway, we're off the to Huffaker's farm for a little tent camping in November....I should have lots to tell!! Thank God for my Camp Wildwood days!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

We really missed out on the fun this trip!! Oh well, we'll be on the next trip...I'd have paid money to be present during the armidillo fun!! I can see you and Sam now and I'm laughing so hard!!

The Russ Family said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Robert has been asking us to join you guys every time. Maybe next go around. Drew is getting to the age where he would probably really enjoy it....especially being around all the kids. A camper will be in our future when this little one is about Drew's age. Brad can not wait!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Poor armadillo! Hope no one shows up with leprosy in the near future! LOL!