Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top 3 S & O moments

Without a doubt,favorite moments would include marshmallows. Campfires cannot exist without stuff to make the s'mores. Every kid likes them cooked different. Most like graham crackers, but I tasted them with saltines and YUM! Olivia likes all her "pieces" separate. Steph likes it big and messy.

Camping also always means flashlights and mosquitoes. Those crazy kids played a flashlight tag like game called "THE HILLSBOROUGH RIVER MONSTER" and it was LOUD! There was not a person or beast in the park that did not hear the game. We all have the itchy bumps to prove we lived amongst the blood sucking insects for five days. We are keeping the itch stick close by.

Riding bikes would have to be in the count as well. We camped on a great loop for the girls to ride. After two days, Olivia again decided she was ready for her training wheels to go. I wanted success without drama. She wanted to keep up with the others. Uncle Aaron saved the day. I am thinking about making him a cape, SUPERUNCLE. She is great at it! With practice she will just get better.


Leslie said...

Getting your training wheels off is such a big day in any child's life. Congratulations Olivia! Sounds like ya'll have really good time camping. I remember camping with the LeCroy's all the time when I was young. Those are special memories!

Melissa said...

I was wondering where you guys were!! You look like you had lots of fun!