Monday, November 12, 2012

Flat on my back and a list

I have not been sick very often in my days of motherhood, but last week, the flu got me! Yep, I still got up and halfway did life, but since my girls are older and able to make great decisions on their own, I could take the day off after lunch and rest. It was rough. It took about six days to feel like a human being again.

Some of the highlights of the week were:

1. Stormie escaped, but because the Lord cares for His own, I could not rest when the girls were gone to cheer practice, and I got up and searched for him. He finally came running around the corner of the house, looking like he had just had fun hiding in the weeds, being free.

2. Steve finished his 4th book, and it is published. It is a wonderful story. This is his first paid job, so it feels a little more real, but we are not giving up our Publix way of life, it is just a side job. Every little bit helps!

3. The weather has been amazing, I have been able to have the windows open for almost two weeks, and I am going to love that next electric bill.

4. The girls had a real life lesson in God's plan being bigger and better than anything we could imagine, because President Obama was elected to another term. We were able to discuss again our faith does not lie in the choices of man, but in the Creator of all men. We respect our leaders.

5. Steve took the girls on a double-feature drive in night. There are moments in my life when I can't even believe how blessed I am that my kids have him for a Dad. He is amazing. He might not do it like other Fathers, but he does it right.

6. Stephanie has officially finished her first semester of middle school. She aced it with straight A's. She is still enjoying FLVS, and loves her teachers.

7. We are finishing up book 2 of Harry Potter, and we are fans. Olivia was actually Harry Potter for Halloween. I have researched the story and after much thoughtfulness, we can see a correlation between Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort and the struggle of life as we know it; just as C.S.Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia as an allegory to Christ and his redemptive story.

8. I love the ideas I get from Pinterest.

9. The holidays are right around the corner, and we are excited about spending time with family and friends, and especially Steve who is taking some time off of work to hang out with us and do some running around Florida!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Place!

Here are two videos from the girls' Pop Warner cheerleading competition in Brooksville, FL. Stephanie's team (Jr. Midget) and Olivia's team (Jr. Pee Wee) both won first place in their division!  Stephanie's team is going on to the Southeast Regional cheer competition in Orlando on Thanksgiving weekend.  We are so proud of both of them!