Friday, March 25, 2011

American Girls Photo shoot

Just some creativity flowing around here. This was the all the girls doin's! It did make me happy to know they still love their dolls so much!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silver Lake

The film Silver Lake is on YouTube! This is a short film written, directed, edited (well, everything except he had to borrow the Flip camera) by Steve. It is a scary movie...lots of screaming. Beware. But it is the usual cast of actors. We did not even have to pay them! It was filmed on a weekend camping trip at Silver Lake. The mamas decided it was high time to celebrate and therefore last weekend we had a Premiere Party to watch it and to honor the Director. He got an Oscar for his labors.
Olivia played Sunny. She was amazing. The gown was Rafa, and Harry Winston jewels. Her hair was curls curls and more curls. This girl was made for the red carpet!

Stephanie played Willow. She was also a cinematographer. Just great. Her shining moment is when she will make you jump as you think she is merely sleeping. Her gown is Amelia. Her hair was rag-tied to get a full tight curl. She was still recovering from a week of illness, but she still made it to the red carpet event!
Here is the director, Stephen J. Porvaznik and his girls. Dapper in a suit. Sears not Armani!
Part of the cast and a few fans! They were getting ready to face Mary Hart aka Ms. Traci on the carpet, so there were some nerves!

We had a special guest appearance by Eminem aka Brent. He was the comic relief.
Inside the Russ Mansion, we had a vast amount of food. Everything from homemade oatmeal cookies to BBQ ribs from down the road yard sale! Everyone had a great time, there were some in the crowd who found the film a bit frightful, but in the end, all who viewed it slept through the night without getting up from bad dreams. There are hopes and dreams of a Silver Lake 2, only time will tell!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A moment passed

Is it really March? Time is flying by... I still have a Christmas present undelivered and Thank-you's from Valentines Day unmailed...paint cans still out from the redecorating... and a basket of clothes not unloaded from our camping trip two weeks ago. Guilt is lessened by the fact that so much of my spare time before this weekend had been filled up with a fantastic bible study I was a part of. I still have a few weeks of "homework" to do, but Beth Moore's "A woman's heart, God's dwelling place" is completely compelling and addictive. If you are looking for a study to be a part of, buy the workbook and download the sessions here.

This past weekend though we found ourselves stopped in our tracks. Stephanie came down with a fever. High fever. Meds could not seem to touch it. Temps like 104.5, 103.2, 102.7 were common on the digital readout! Her little ears were red and hot to the touch. But, she is a trooper. No complaining, just laying there wondering when it would end. I would not choose sickness for my children, but it allows those little places of a Momma's heart that get used less and less as the kids grow older to be revisited. Last night came a soft request of "Momma will you rock me?" Getting up in the night to take a temperature or administer meds reminded me of years ago with middle of the night feedings... How grateful I am that I caught a glimpse of love like this again.

School is rushing past and Spring has sprung around here.