Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shared heritage

This is a video of Sarah Palin speaking at Wasilla Assembly of God. I had to post it (thanks Brant) because it is her just being herself. It is shows the founder and pastor of the church which has ties to me. Yes, me. You see, my grandmother was under his leadership and worked in this church back when my grandparents homesteaded in Wasilla, Alaska. She helped with the childrens church and began the Women's Minsitry there. I bet Esther Tuttle, my grandmother would be beaming with pride over Wasilla Assembly of God making world news. I am so proud of the example of my grandmother and her realtionship with the Lord. It was amazing to listen to her former pastor who has stood as a man of God through out all these years pray for Sarah Palin and know how he has shaped her character as well.


Hannah said...

Thanks so much for posting that video. I had not seen that. I really am impressed by Sarah and all she stands for. It is comforting that someone like her hopefully will be able to bless this country with her leadership. God does take care of his own.
That is so cool that you have connections to that church. We really do live in a small world! Amazing!

lori said...

Love me some Sarah Palin!!!