Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Graduation

We celebrated Mihai's (our neighbor) graduation from high school last Sunday. Things have been a little busy around here, but we wanted to make this happen before another close neighbor of ours, Mr. Mike, headed back north to be a Ranger in the National Forest. Mihai is our neighborhood watch. He knows when we are gone, when we return, or if we have company. He has let us know if our yard gets too high, a fence needs repairing, or if there is a bad weather storm on the horizon. Everyone should have a Mihai. Via the internet, he keeps us up on the current value of our home and could tell you of your own square footage or where your closets are in your floor plan. Very interesting. Congratulations Mihai, you have earned this time of celebration.

His choice: chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chips and salsa. He ate all of it!
Plans are formulating to go see a Tampa Bay Ray's game for these two!
The girls helped me get all the food ready and to decorate. Mr. Mike hosted the event!
Our favorite Ranger, Mr. Mike.
Mihai and his parents, Glenn and Carol.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home school FUN!

Believe it or not, this was NOT a posed picture. These two think they had one up on me because they headed out to the swing set before school began this past week. It is a new addition to our yard thanks to Mee-Maw, Mr. Tim our handyman, and us. It was part of Olivia's birthday gift. They did not figure it out that I had spied them out there and grabbed the camera...I loved the reading on the swing idea. If it wasn't for the caterpillars falling from the oak trees, they might have lasted a while longer.
Today was our last classroom setting of our study of the Middle Ages. We had a really fun time rotating around the stations with a focus on the arts. They stained some glass like those found in ancient cathedrals, they drew telescopes, and they made storyboards and learned about Shakespeare.

This was a great floor puzzle of the solar system.
Taking time to learn about the solar system practicing the mnemonic device for remembering the order of the planets would have made Galileo proud. I just betcha!
The last station was so great. They had the chance to be like Michelangelo and DaVinci with their paintings. So it was not on the ceiling, but it was under the table or chair if you were of short stature. I saw some of them holding their arms and there were a few drips of paint of faces and in hair. They had a blast.

This is our whole group of Vikings. We studied them at our last co-op. They learned about the trade routes by our visiting teacher, Mr. Steve Porvaznik. He was great. They made long boats ("Knarrs") and, as you can see, made Viking helmets. It was a blast. These kids are learning so much about the history of the world.

It is a complete joy to work with a group of teachers (moms) who have a desire for their kids to learn more than just the basics. These kids are absolutely the ones I would want to have in my class if I ever went back to the regular classroom. They are willing to put forth the effort and love the adventure of learning.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

Seven. It is a good number. Some people think of it as lucky. It is favorite of many people. It is a title my youngest wears proudly. It makes me sigh. Softly. As many a mother before me has. She is growing up quickly. She is a lovely girl and I love her so. She has always been a tenacious person, she goes after something she wants...whether it be walking, a cartwheel, makeup, or crushing on a movie star. I love her passion. She took her Daddy's love for the motion pictures a little far, because she is a girl all about drama.

We celebrated with our dear friend Maddie Symonds with a fabulous birthday party. We hired a friend who without a doubt, knows how to shoot a picture! (Thanks Rach!) All the friends brought a change of clothes or three and posed their little hearts out! We had pizza, cupcakes and a table full of presents. Everyone had planned their poses, outfits and the end results were amazing. 500 pictures later, we have a plethora of loveliness.

And a beautiful ballerina she is. Happy Birthday sweet girl.