Thursday, October 16, 2008


What change? I could use some loose adds up and leaves me with dollars. Change in my wants and needs? I always want to be better and want those that love me to be the best...whatever it takes. Changes to the mound of dishes in the sink...oh yeah, bring on the change. Change to my little girls that always leaves me in awe? Yeah, that happened yesterday when Olivia woke up and told me of this.

"Last night when everyone was asleep, I woke up and thought about that man in the wheelchair who needs our help to clean his house. I prayed for him. Then I went back to sleep."

It just made me gush with tenderness at the thoughts of a little one.

Changes. I will take them. Daily. My attiutde. My heart. My mind. So thanks Obama and McCain for spurring me towards "change".

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Patti said...

Sometimes I wonder if you know how truly inspiring you are. You inspire me just by the way you love your family. You live the Good News AND you are obviously teaching your girls to do the same :)