Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tea Party

Wednesdays are usually our marathon day around here. We leave the house around nine, and go to sewing lessons. Then we head off to dance lessons. Errands. Library. Finally gymnastics. We get home around 7:15 and sometimes there is a great dinner waiting in the crock pot. Today was the exception.

We headed home after dance. I was dopey from too much anti-itch meds and I needed to talk to a dear friend about her mother's dreadful news. The girls were dear little ones and let me have some phone time to talk to Faith. If you are a believer in miracles, please pray for Bonnie. She is an example of a woman who serves the Lord with fervor and grace. She has cancer. All over. It seems bleak. It looks dark. Her family feels hopeless. Two and a half years ago Bonnie buried her 34y/o daughter who died from cancer. It is a wound for them. I walked in on little girls who can only see life in the moment.

They were set up for a tea party. Gowns and all. They needed tea and treats. They needed attention. Daddy walked in at the moment when the tea was being poured and got the invite. They put on their english accents, manners and had a blast.
If I know something of Bonnie and her view on things, she would laugh and be thrilled that joy can be found in the moment. It made me smile. Again God showed me His ways. Who knew that 23 years ago, I would love this family as part of my own? He did. Please pray for the family for favor and good news.

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Jeanne said...

I just prayed for this family! :) You're little family looks so sweet having their tea party. Steve rocks, ya know. Love you