Friday, May 30, 2008

Tarpon Springs

Our favorite rocky beach in FL. Honeymoon Island

These are some spongey girls! We were able to wind up our school year with our last camping trip to Tarpon Springs, FL. Of course we had a fabulous time. We ate incredible Greek food down at the docks. We explored an island three miles offshore by traveling on a pontoon boat. It was beautiful and sunny. Our campground was the best patch of land 100 yards off of an 8-lane major highway anyone could ask for. We loved the pool and the company too. We were taken by surprise when we went to our favorite State Park to go and explore the rocky shore at Honeymoon Island, only to find a gorgeous white-sandy beach that had been "de-rocked". Stephanie was quite disappointed, for she is our little collector. Not to worry, we came home with treasures only a seven year old could love. Another adventure on the books.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Farm day

Old MacDonald had nothing on us! A friend of ours, Laurien, and her family have a farm. We went to spend the day chasing chickens, milking cows, petting hogs, and holding bunnies. It was a blast. Milking the cows was fun but a little strange, and collecting the eggs was great, but eating them the next day was the best! Farm fresh eggs! Thanks Laurien!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cinderella recital

Beautiful girls and talented dancers all in one recital. Whew! Both girls did a fabulous job at learning their steps and moves. Their Dad and I are very proud as too are the Grandparents. We are never disappointed in the teachings of our friend and Teacher, Ms. Barbara Smith. She is a jewel and a treasured voice of guidance to all of the young girls. We love seeing them grow into young ladies with poise and grace who also serve the Lord with dance.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Geography Fair

Congratulations to Stephanie and Olivia for completing their co-ops with great success. It was a fun celebration of their work and efforts. Lots of family and friends came to share in the night. We felt the support and love of our friend's families. It reminds us of why we call this area home.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Salt Springs camping

Off we went for a camping trip into the Ocala National Forest. We invaded the campground with our crew of 8 RV's and 11 kids. Swimming at Silver Glenn Springs and at Juniper Springs were the highlights of the trip, but there were many great times. Good friends, canasta, good food, horseshoes, sand boils and just being together are things we will not take for granted because we know that someday we will look back at these times and miss them. I say it often, but with a depth of gratitude, we are blessed.