Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Most days it is so rewarding to homeschool and to share the fun with the girls. This week is short since we are taking off to camp, so we did some fun coop stuff and made it a week of studying apples. Estimating, life cycle of a seed,equal pieces, plus a review of geography due to our book dominated the teachings for the week. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman is a sweet read.

I am doing all I can to teach these little girls things that will make life better for them. Today our lesson was making an apple pie. (we are in the cooking phase I guess) They endured all the other activities of the day and finally got to make the pie. It was so fun. Collecting the ingredients. Peeling the apples. Stirring in the goods. Waiting for it to cool. Eating it!

I have done all I can do. I feel like Pioneer woman, Laura Ingalls and all the women in our family would be proud of us today.

So what have I done wrong to elicit this kind of afternoon, I ask.

My oldest one has picked all of the high tall Y shaped grass and is picking off the black seeds and the green seed pods and storing them for a future math lesson for Olivia. Which has more? is the question she will ask.

Then she comes in, and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud to show me her petri dish with one of the hundreds of large grasshoppers from our yard, quarantined. But the amazing part was she wanted me to SEE that even when you pull their heads off, they will still jump around and move. It is pretty cool, according to her. Oh my!

Yes, I think the lessons in girliness; sewing, cooking and making a nice bed will be lost on this hopeless girl of nature.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! I have to keep Grace from killing the bugs she catches too! It's not malicious...just curiousity. She killed a tiny toad just the other day from holding it too much...


lori said...

Wow if they want extra credit they can come over and bake me up an apple pie

Melissa said...

It's the day she comes in with a whole bucketful of grasshoppers and asks to bake a grasshopper pie you have to look forward to....just like the Man vs. Wild guy! According to Emerson you eat the 'chicken' part out of any bug you find...just like the guy on TV.!

Jeanne said...

You rock! You need the award for the best teacher ever! AND...I just have to say I'm lovin Oliva's school clothes! :)

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Your girls so funny! They can definitely hang with the boys. I must say I think they will be very well rounded individuals!