Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

So after a weekend of rain and clouds due to Hurricane Gustav, we played then, therefore, we work now. Afterall it is called Labor Day. Loads of laundry for me, a little cleaning and 24 hour run of FOX news to keep track of all that Shep and Geraldo have to tell me about the levees. After this coverage, we will be able to get our degrees in engineering...It is so hard to NOT watch. We celebrated New Orleans with a batch of the infamous Cafe du Monde's beignets. So good.

Steve is cutting the jungle aka our backyard. It has caused the girls and I quite a fright lately, because we do not know what lurks in the grasses. He is a good man. Having his zen (ipod) to listen to, makes it agreeable. I have some good steaks defrosting to reward him later for his day of Laboring.

As for the girls. They decided that the day could only be celebrated with a proper morning concert. And what is a concert without proper attire? They were just so darn cute, I could not resist the pics. Gotta love them! Is it 2008 or am I dreaming of the 70's? Disco queen.


lori said...

Two posts in one day, dang girl!
Those girls look too cute, Elissa would have been in heaven with that

Jeanne said...

How cute! Your girls look like they should be in that one video....Ugh, I can't remember the song! You know which one I'm talking about! If you remember it call me so I can quit fretting over it! :)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...



Melissa said...

I love your girls! And where did you find Beignet Mix?? [[dreaming of Cafe du Monde, sipping Cafe Au Lait and eating a beignet]]