Monday, September 29, 2008

There's no place like home

We got home today after a great long weekend camping trip to Hillsborough River State Park. We were there in January, but it seemed like the first time. We went with a group of friends and squeezed every drip of life out of our hours there. Either we are all getting old, or we get our fill of each other in the daylight hours, because this was the first time we did not shuffle a deck of cards or burn the midnight oil. Actually, we all just had good books to read.

There are many great pics (thanks Ms. Anita and Sam)and stories to be told, so I will try and get them out this week.

Wait until you read about the story of "hunting armadillos". It makes me crack up just thinking about it.

Look how time flies with these two girls.



Anonymous said...

I do like this Blog, it is really nice.

Jeanne said...

Jill........those girls are just growing so fast. They get prettier with every picture. I'm glad ya'll had so much fun. I missed your daily blogs! :)