Friday, September 12, 2008

Lowry Park Zoo

What a FUN day! Six girls and a whole bunch of wild animals provided a great study for Maddie and Olivia and their animal habitats. Olivia is learning about eagles and Maddie is learning about llamas. We had a terrific trainer give us an almost private session with the birds of prey. We saw more raw meat set aside for the flying birds than we cared to. At the end he brought out "Olivia" the three year old eagle who is new to the zoo and being trained. She still has her juvenile feathers so she is dark in color. We watched her train on a leash and in the end she got a large rat to eat. The girls did not seem to mind the messy snack. Yikes!
The new flume ride was the hit of the day. We all got SOAKED. No, I mean really soaked. And I had white shorts on. Not just once either. Twice for me and Oivia. Three times for Maddie and Samantha, oh the last one was a doozy. Eight times for Emma and Steph. We did go during a special time of the zoo, because there were babies everywhere. Our favorites were the pygmy hippo and the orangutan. Just look at that baby. It was a very fun time.What a cute bunch of girls. Happy Birthday Aunt Sam.


lori said...

I love that Zoo

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm not a big zoo person, but I do love all the babies. My cousin takes her 2 year old son to the Denver zoo every day to get her walking exercise. I laughed when I went with her, because she knew exactly which animals were pregnant, which ones had babies and where they like to hide. It was like having a guided tour of the zoo!

Looks like you guys had a great time!


Jeanne said... did that girl get stuck studying a llama? I've got to be eduacated on that one. :)