Friday, September 5, 2008

End of the Spear

End of The Spear
In 2005 Steve Saint wrote a book about his father and four of his missionary friends who were killed fifty years ago when they tried to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Waodani tribe deep in the heart of the jungles of Ecuador in South America. Fifty years after the tragic deaths of the five missionary men. Steve Saint's parents, Nate and Marj moved to Equador, near the Amazon River basin, when Marj was pregnant with Steve. They were Christian missionairies from the United States, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the native people who lived there.

Near Quito, the villiage where Steve was born, lived a tribe of the Waodani Indians. The fierceness of this tribe was legendary. They killed each other with their spears to the point the tribe was almost extinct. Nate would fly his small yellow airplane over the jungles along the Amazon River searching for the Waodanis. Once he spotted where they lived he started dropping supplies down from the airplane in a small bucket. He was hoping that this would let the people know that he was a friend. One day the Waodanis put a bird in the basket as a gift for the missionaries. This bird became Steve's pet.
an excerpt from Just for Kids magazine

There is so much more to this movie, and I will not give away the incredible life altering ending to the movie, but if you are looking for a movie, this would be one to watch. It is not appropriate for the squeamish, and my two daughters did not watch it, because of the killing.

I would love for them to one day see it, and to see how God's ways are above man's, even when it seems like God has turned His face.

It was a priviledge for me to watch this movie tonight and I will not soon forget it. I love the rekindling of a servant's heart. I love the heartstrings of mine that have been pulled because of my past experiences in South America. I love how I know my love for the things of God are taking root in my children. I love His gentle ways He draws us near and yet I love the "in your face" way He gets our attention too.

Carve out some time to watch this movie.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I will have to watch this one. I knew of the story of the missionaries who were killed, but didn't realize one of their sons had written a book. I'm looking forward to the movie and the book!


Jackie Sue said...

LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! Hey, you, how are you? I tagged you...go to my blog to see why...oh, and could you send me the photo you sent Kathy???? I haven't seen it! Hope you are well. Much love!