Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh I am trying to appreciate this time of the year with its colors of golden yellows and warm oranges, but heck, it is 90 degrees outside and my kids are still daily jumping in the pool. There is not a piece of decoration that welcomes Fall around here yet. This is because,we still could not survive without the A/C on and the lawn is still being mowed once a week, okay every other week.

The spiders have returned just in time for October's spookiness. Speaking of spookiness, has anyone else had the displeasure of having your nerves jump out of you because Universal has again decided to release an advertisement for Halloween Horror Nights that is completely unnecessary? I am not allowing the girls to even change channels for their morning shows because I don't want them having nightmares. I cannot watch the news without being exposed to the commerical. It is horrible. It is vile infact. I have sent them an email, I am not just whining on the blog. Back to the spiders, we have egg sacks everywhere on our porch from the brown widow spiders. Our resident banana spider is huge. It's body is as long as my index finger.

I am ready for soup (anyone have any great soup recipes, please email them to me)at least once a week and shorter days of sun. We are though, in full football mode around here; Gators on Saturday and Bucs on Sunday. Steve tries to gently plan our schedules around these events, and the poor guy has three of us who like football, but not love the game. He will be able to say he and his brother saw the Rays in their most winning season ever, but last night's game was a bust. Too many red shirts for this Florida man. Boston Red Sox fans outnumbered them five to one. He even boycotted the food that represented Boston. He was a serious fan last night.

Olivia is still deciding if she can even take time to learn about eagles, because they eat their meat RAW! They throw up the fur and bones of the mice! and their only redeeming quality is that they look pretty once they turn five. Oh my!

Stephanie struggles with my need as her teacher for all things written to be neat and spelled correctly. She thinks I am just being so demanding. UGH! I will say though, Steve and I decided September would be candy-ice-cream-gum free month, and it sure has been less stressful around here with the attitudes from sugar highs. I hope I got Uncle Jason in China all caught up on life here now, for this week anyway.


lori said...

Come on Jill, don't you want to head out to Halloween horror nights. Not only can you avoid the commercials you can not even go to burger king without seeing the poster

The Cannon Chronicles said...

I totally agree with you on that nasty commercial. I really hate it! We've been finding quite a few brown widow spiders on our porch too.

Hannah said...

Oh, I hate spiders. Wes does to for that matter, he even has the awful scar on his side to prove what they can do when they bite! YUCK!!

I am in total agreement with the commercial issue. I hate for Addie to get a glimps at those!

I am a total fall person, but this heat is making it really hard! Hopefully the winds will change soon!

The Russ Family said...

We have the black widow spiders all around the black yard. Brad says I act like an "ostrich" about them with Drew. I will hardly let him go in the back yard anymore. :-)

DVR's are great for all of those unwanted commercials. We went last year and wondered why the whole time. My eyes were closed all through the haunted house. It was crazy.

I too am wishing for a cool front so I can make some chili! I guess we have at least another month to go for that.

Jeanne said...

I've got all the same stuff to say! So, I won't say it. But, I do loathe those stank commercials! Thanks for encouraging Josie today. You're sweet!

Leslie said...

My students and I were just talking about that "Bloody Mary" commercial and how it scares us all so. Raleigh was up watching a show with me the other night and it came on twice. I tried covering his eyes, but he didn't understand why I was doing it. It scares me enough for the both of us. In Gainesville yesterday, it actually started to feel like fall. There was a great breeze and a coolness in the air. Hopefully it will make it here soon. First day under 80 degreees, there will be a pot of Chili on the stove! Can't wait.