Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AAA and History Coop

She is very proud of herself.

Little lefty!

We used real fish to paint and press on our shirts.
They all turned out sooooo cute!

Friday was our first group school (co-op) of the new year. This year we have outgrown meeting in homes so we are meeting at a community building. It was quite successful. We have the morning session with the pre-schoolers to first grade. They are called the AAA (all about animals) co-op. This month they each studied something from the ocean habitat. Olivia had coral reefs. She really learned so much. I love her pipe-cleaner polyps. One day when her dad asked her to tell him what she had learned, it went something like this.

"Tell me about coral reefs"
"They only can live in shallow water where the sun can get in and reach."
"What else did you do today?"
"Well, I learned that if you let the sticker just touch the paper a little, it must stay right there, cause they're really sticky."
"yeah, but what about the reef?"
"Daaaad!, On the coral reef picture, the stickers stuck so good!"

Stephanie's History co-op played a game similar to LIFE(thanks Ms.Amy aka gamelady) but in Colonial times and waited for their afternoon session. They shared reports of people of interest, John Carver was Steph's choice. They also made a great scroll paper craft(good one Aunt Sam!) of the story of Roanoke, the lost colony. What a great group of kids we have.

They all made shirts for their feildtrips and ended the day with spending the night at a friends house. Stephanie got an extra biology lesson using plastic horses from Taylor. Steve and I are still chuckling over this one.

"hey, is your horse a stallion or a gelding?"-T
"I dont know"-S
"Look at it, does it look like a boy or are there just bumps?"-T
"It is just a horse."-S
"Do you know what a gelding is?"-T
"You know, that means he cannot make any more kids."-T
"Oh yeah, Oh yeah....well, I like this one cause it is brown."-S
Nice subject change there... Out of the mouth of babes....


Jeanne said...

You people simply amaze me! For real!

Leslie said...

How fun! I didn't know what a gelding was either, Steph, don't feel bad. Homeschooling looks so fun and it is nice that they can learn about all of that great stuff and not have to be limited because of the FCAT. Hmmmm, Something to think about...

Hannah said...

I am always wowed by your co-op. What an great experince you are providing for your children! I just love hearing about what they are learning about!! You are an amazing teacher and your children are so blessed.(-: