Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad Hair Day

The day usually begins with my lovely quiet children watching the clock until it suddenly becomes 8:00. Then,if noticed as they pass my door, that I have not arisen (from the dead), they either go and begin their playing or catch some morning t.v. Today was not one of those rare days.

I was up and at 'em before they were squirming and I had peeked into the room and noticed little Miss Olivia's morning look. WHOA!

I have come to the realization that I did not pay homage to the "Hair Gods" when she was in my womb and thus, this is her plight in life. It would not be so bad if hair was not so completely important to her. She is barely out of bed and the first thing she does is grab the brush. Today though, I distracted her. I was like a hunter on the prowl. I could not fool her. She has this look on her face because she understands that this could make it on the blog. BINGO! Pass go and get your $200.00!

But I just had to share with those who love and adore my child, this is what we deal with every day. We have tried every idea known to modern man to help out this hair issue.

I do have one last reserve idea. She needs a silky pillowcase for her princess locks to not be disturbed in her nightly slumber. Oh my! How could a kid of mine have such high hair standards. Not sure. And, how does this hair resemble dreds? I have no idea.

But I do know this beginning will not be the level of life in our household today. We have quizes to take, chores to be done, groceries to spend our investments on, and a weekend with our favorite hero just over the horizon.Yeah, he is the one in the KISS shirt. Did I really spend money on that shirt? I wonder how old he will be when he no longer wears it.

What a silver lining. It could be worse.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm lovin the dreds!


lori said...

Poor girl, maybe you should try the Laura ingalls approach, and get that girl a sleep cap

Jeanne said...

That is without a doubt some of the craziest morning hair these eyes have ever seen. How DO you get those tangles out? I've got a feeling Johnson's & Johnson's just don't cut it! :) Thank the Lord for that pretty face!

Melissa said...


My brother would be diggin' dem dare dreads now...ah, shoot, teach her to speak rasta!

..poor, poor princess!

Melissa said...

Oh...and HOW COULD I NOT COMMENT ON THE KISS T??? Rock on, Steve....Lick it up, yeah!

Leslie said...

Looks like she has a little moose and squirrel in there! Solution: Cut it all off. That is always my answer :)