Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watery wonderland

I don't want any of you fooled by our magical wondrous Christmas celebration.

We know how to pull it together in the knick of time, but there are days like today where there is nothing better than a good batch of tears. Uncle Brant, it is just the girl in us, you will never understand. Olivia has had three rotations of sobbing and a time of cradling in my arms while being rocked back into "it's okay" world. I am not sure what is going on around here. Snuggles, hugs, kisses, motivational speeches, referee, teacher,nurse, cook, maid and techno-savy chick...Whew, what a day. It is just one in this life of ours.

So with the gift giving, cookie baking, carol singing, present wrapping, book reading, advent opening times, take time for a few tears, if that is what will work for you.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

It's amazing how a good cry can make you feel 100% better sometimes. It alarms my husband when it happens, because I'm not generally a cryer, but it sure gets me back on track.


Jeanne said...

Olivia has such a precious sad little face. Oh, those poor little red eyes. I can so feel her pain! :)

Leslie said...

Poor baby! I'm glad you mentioned the caroling. I have a confesion. Raleigh and I were asleep on the couch last night when at 9:10 our doorbell rang and singing began. I knew what it was, but I also knew it was late and I wasn't dressed for company. Needless to say, we hid! This lead to massive guilt this morning about making Raleigh miss out on his first caroling experience. Oh well. Mom says I will live with the guilt forever!

The Russ Family said...

Sometimes a good cry is all you need. :-) I had a crier today in my room. No reason she just cried over everything. A little humor and hand holding helped.

Tomorrow is Wednesday!!! Drew is looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...