Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"I want to be..."

Today during our school time, Olivia must have really been enjoying math. She was counting money and telling time to the hour and she turned to me and said, "When I grow up I want to be just a PLAIN OL' MOM!"

Trying to hold in my gasp, I asked her what she meant. She said, "You know, I want to get married (yeah, that is always nice when it is mentioned first), then have two kids, and teach them school."

I was so glad that she did not mention my appearance (since I had not yet brushed my hair or changed out of my pjs), I asked her, "What makes that a PLAIN OL MOM?"

She said, "Mom, I want to cook, clean and do all the regular things that mom's do!"

Another sigh of relief from me, without her knowing.

Yes folks, I hope she can "take the good and take the bad" (hey, is that a line from a song from my childhood...is it ringing any bells?) and be happy some day. Isn't that what all of us parents want ?

So if you are now humming a tune to that song I mentioned, leave me a comment of what you think it is and I will have a little christmas gift for the first correct answer.

And the winner is...Jeanne McDonald...Good job. Just a side note, all the females who answered got it right. It was "The Facts of Life" theme song. Your restaurant $25 gift card will be available after you email me and tell me which one you prefer.


Jeanne said...

facts of life girl!

Rachael said...

facts of life? that is what is going through my head...

Have a super Christmas!

Luke said...

Glad to hear that not only are things going well, but they are actually inspiring! [smile] What a great sign.

...and as for your little game: I tried. I googled the line and came up with nothing but some female artist from the era of "gonna gotta" and other grammar issues, so I didn't think that was right.

Oh well. I tried. I guess cheating doesn't pay off. [smile]


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Facts of Life!! Whoo hoo!!!

I'm glad that she wants to be PLAIN OLD MOM.


Leslie said...

That is all I ever wanted to be as well! The girls must love you as much as I love my Mom. And that is alot. There is no better complement.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Doesn't that make you feel so good to know your girls just want to be a plain ol' mom! What a compliment!