Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yesterday we were awoken by Amy hollering for us to "Get up!" "It is snowing outside!"

We had plans of packing up and hitting the road for the ten hour drive home, but we had to put a halt on those plans for a while and play. It was falling from the sky in thick sheets, according to this Floridian. The girls had so much fun until their toes began to freeze. In the short hours it took us to pack and clean, the whole yard was blanketed with white and the trees were decorated with the flakes of beauty. It was a wonderous sight. It made leaving hard. But, we did.

These are some of the pictures taken on our way down the hill from the house.
Many miles later, we pulled into our driveway and sighed with relief. Steve being the incredible wonderful man that he is, unloaded the whole car while the girls and I snuggled up in the bed and watched an episode of Survivor. Oh it is good to be home.


lori said...

wow, it's so pretty
I wanna go

Leslie said...

Those are some of the prettiest pics I've ever seen. I have only seen snow like that once and that was in Branson on my honeymoon. I was so scared to be in the car. Oh, I'm such a Florida girl. I'm glad you made it back safe and are enjoying the life of luxury!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Glad the girls had the chance to experience all that snow (it looks like a lot to this Texas girl too!)


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Gorgeous! I bet the kids had a blast!