Monday, December 8, 2008

Johnny 'Ol St. Nick

Go Gators! SEC Champs!

Stephanie is following in her Father's footsteps and always making changes to some song to make it her own. Her latest is "Jolly ol St. Nickolaus", but Olivia calls it "Johnny" so cute. She is becoming quite the song writer. This is just the original first verse, but her own is verse three. They both really help us love life even more than we could have dreamed.


Leslie said...

Love it! What sweet girls. I love the dancing. Raleigh has been learning the "Dradel" song at school and he makes up his own words as well :) He just doesn't know it

Jeanne said...

Your girls are radiant Jilly! I love the gator shirts! Go Gators! I miss you!

Anita said...

Wonderful card!
I especially love the girls singing....wish it was longer!