Monday, December 22, 2008


Steve almost got stuck posing on the platter of food. He was always adds so much to our outings, he is fun to have with us. We watched three IMAX movies in one day and played and played in the kid section and even hit the store for some good buys.

Emma played all the instruments she could find and wrote a few songs too. That girl has some talent.

Maddie made her dent on the Publix sponsored kid grocery area. She was driving the truck for deliveries, but I think her favorite was the shadow room.

Stephanie found some drums and gave them a work out. She beat them and found her a rhythm. The sounds were so cool.

Olivia and Aunt Sam had a wooden block building hayday! It was a shakey, boomin', gigglin' time over at the table. We called it a tie, and both towers won. When they were done some boys saw their chance and hopped on in. With all the new fangled electronics, it is funny to see how wooden blocks can still be so much fun.

A giant slide was a way to spend a few bucks and scream a little. It was a new addition to the KIDS IN CHARGE area. Click on this photo and check out that funny face!

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Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love the Children's Museum here in Houston. I took Nathan when he was about 3 so I guess it's time to take them both.