Monday, December 22, 2008


So I got a Christmas present from a friend today, it was this award for my blog. How fun. So let me take a minute or two to share with you some of my fabulous addictions.

1. Blogging. It is a connection I am making with people. I really got serious about it this past year. It was a way of keeping in touch with family that we only see at holidays. Then this summer I went to a Beth Moore conference in Texas, met a bunch of ladies who love Jesus and love to blog. New friends. Thus, blogging.

2. Teaching. I love my calling. It is a gift I do not take for granted and neither do I bury it. It is something I adore sharing with my girls, and my friends.

3. Carbonated soda. Pop for you northerners. Coke to you southerners. I love it. Cherry coke mostly. I drink water so that I get a reward of soda. Bad I know.

4. Reading. I love a good book. I will give up sleep,or folded laundry (like I HAVE to give that up), or even clean dishes. Most nights, I must read before I slumber and since I have a great flashlight, it does not bother my adorable husband who is snoring, I mean sleeping next to me.

5. Sushi and Thai food. Could there be a little Asian person in me just screaming to be known? I mean, there are times when there is nothing that will quench my craving like a dish of good curry seasoned food or a bite of soy soaked wasabi seasoned sushi. YUM!

Thanks for the award. Hope you know more of me now.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

All good things to know...we'll have to go out for Thai food next time we meet!


Leslie said...

I share many of your addictions, except reading. I wish I had that one. I try but it doesn't seem to be there. Rock on with the Sushi! If Bryan and I ever manage to get a babysitter, that is where we are headed. Have a great day tomorrow!

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