Sunday, May 3, 2009

just life

Pool Party for Taylor's 9th birthday. These kids can flat out drain a pool of water with all their splashing. They are all a blast.

Another birthday celebration at Rebecca and Marc's house. Time with the cousins is always fun.

It was Grandma-ma's 89th birthday this past week, so we got together to share the love. We sat around the pool table and chattered, snacked and loved her company.

This past Friday was our last Co-op of the year. Olivia completed her science study of Animal Habitats with a study of the desert and snakes. She is a great student. Our craft was this adorable cactus made out of homemade playdoh, (thanks Aunt Krista).
Stephanie has some reports to add to her "Going West" project book and then her History study for the year will be completed. She told me last night she was glad she was not a pioneer going west, cause she did not want to starve and have to eat her oxen or dog or even her family. Oh, I am so glad too.


Jeanne said...

Great pictures! Life is good, isn't it? :) I love Olivia's playdoh cactus!

The Cannon Chronicles said...

That picture of the girls jumping in the pool just makes me wanna go swimming. It looks like they are having fun bringing in the warm weather with a bang.