Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a blueberry day!

Bushnell, FL

We went on a little fieldtrip this morning before we started math and phonics. We picked beautiful blueberries! It was a moment to see how they grow on the bush, which to pick, and how their centers are yellow NOT blue! Another example of the amazing work of God's hand.


Melissa said...

How fun! We want to go blueberry pickin'!!

Jeanne said...

Where did you do this? My babies would love it!

Anonymous said...

yum yum! we've yet to do some blueberry pickin' !

just thought I'd say hello since I noticed we are both FL homeschooling mommas :O)

Tiffany said...

Hi--thanks for visiting my blog! I am checking out yours too--we also went blueberry picking--yesterday. The blueberries are amazing! I came home with a ton and we've already eaten lots and lots of them. I would love to get one more picking day in so I can be sure to have my freezer stocked.