Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What would you do?

I was left pondering this today...because I was brought to a place of being used in a way that left me in awe.

This is what happened.

I wanted a salad from Wendy's which is 2.5 minutes from my house, and the chicken and rice was finishing on the stove, for everyone else. I grabbed the keys and left. As I was backing out, I noticed a shadow, as if something had passed by, I did not see anything as I backed up, but on second glance I saw a small boy of about five running down the sidewalk. I turned back to see where his family was, since we have a great sidewalk for walking. No one. Hmm. Then I turned back and he was rounding the corner. Gone. Little speedy. So I pulled out, and all I could think of was "this is not right." So I instantly began to run some scenarios in my head, and all I could do was stop in the middle of the road and open my door and begin asking questions. I was worried. I did not want to scare him. I did not know if he spoke English. There were cars coming. They just went around me, as if I were just stopping to smell flowers...I was talking to a kid...he was alone.

I asked him where he was going. "To the park."
I asked him did his parents know he was going there. "no."
I asked him could I take him to where they were.... bells, whistles, bullhorns, all went off in my head...DO NOT PUT HIM IN YOUR CAR. He said "no." anyway. I was still in my right mind, and more cars were coming.

Two passed by, and then I saw the glance of recognition cross his face. And the green van pulled over. Whew, they came to rescue him. I did not have to call the police. I did not have to drive behind him, as he lead me back to his family. He finally went over to the van, got in and then off they went.


Did these people not care some stranger had stopped and talked with their child? Oh my!

I went and got my salad, and then decided I was going to go hunt the neighborhood for the green van. ( It must be the detective gene in me.) It was no where. No green van. I was about to turn towards home, and then I knew the Holy Spirit told me to go to the laundry mat up the road.

YEP. There they all were. The mom was folding clothes. The kids (six of them) were watching t.v. I had to go in. The oldest girl translated for me as I told her mother that I was just concerned for her little one. I did not want her to be worried. She said she was worried that I was going to call the police and turn her in. That is why she did not say Thank you.

I drove home praying for protection for this family. If you could have seen those big brown eyes as he was seriously going to cross three lanes of traffic, just to get to the park. Be still my heart.

What would you have done?


Rachael said...

Praise the Lord for putting the salad urge in you! You listen to the still small voice of the Lord, you were aware of your surroundings and you saved that child. I am in awe of your story and in awe of how the Lord works... He used you to protect that child and bring peace to his mother, you prayed protection over them, you listened to the Lord! I am so greatful to know you and I love the heart that you have been given.

lori said...

The very same thing you did!!! Good Job.

Leslie said...

I would have also done the same thing. You never know what is happening in someone's life. At least it was one of the better scenerios.

Jeanne said...

I am so glad you were there! Honestly, that could have been so terrible. The Holy Spirit with the laundry mat....that's so cool! You got to be used in such a big way through this. Wow!

The Cannon Chronicles said...

You know something similiar happened to me at Connor's third birthday party where a child was left at the park where we were having the party. Very scary. We ended up calling the police before the mother finally came back and picked up the child. My heart ached for days!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

I know we already talked about this on the phone. I just have to say as a mom whose not been able to find my son......I know that mom was so very thankful for you. The salad urge....well, you know that came from the Big Man.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Exacty what you did my friend. Thank God for His providence that you found him and watched over him until his family arrived.