Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach camping II

Many people probably think we plan all of our camping and fun around home schooling, but actually we do not. This day was a perfect example of this. We were minding our own business camping, planning on beaching it and hanging around a pool... Mr. Weather was not playing fair this past week, and so when we woke up Saturday and were still questioning him as showing up as storm clouds, we looked for alternatives.

Hmm, ten minutes away was this old restored Confederate Mansion. They even had tours. So we went. We were not disappointed. The tour guide, Ms. June (she is a must for anyone who wants to visit) was engaging and so incredibly informed. She was a wealth of knowledge and has a passion for restoration and history.

It was a little over an hour, but we left feeling like we had stepped back into the present time and left the sugar plantation back with the soldiers. Take time to go if you are in the area.

Gamble Plantation State Park was an unexpected treat this camping weekend.

The Gamble Plantation

One of the Confederate flags during the war.
The well for the house. The water was naturally purified by the lime rock in the stone.

This was a quaint little corner of the kitchen. I loved it with all the variety of goods.

This was my favorite find. A collection of jars.

Ms. June is talking about roasting coffee beans in that round contraption. She sure knew her stuff.

Here are Steve, Brent, Curtis, Kevin and some of their new friends who do re-enactments on the plantation. Well, not really, they are not in the photo, but don't these men look "for real !"


The Cannon Chronicles said...

It's funny, we passed the Gamble Plantation exit on our way home from Sanibel and I thought, I'd sure like to go there. It looks really neat. What a great little field trip!

Tiffany said...

Looks like fun and educational! We love to travel around FL and camp and visit interesting places. I'll have to remember this one.

Jeanne said...

We want a camper. The kids are so very close to the right age for one. I'm thinking we'll get one one of these years. You guys are making the very best memories! :)