Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beach camping I

This camper does not look like this anymore....more of that story later.

Our family and some great friends headed south this past weekend to camp in Bradenton at a "Yankee" campground. It was not a state park. We are used to woods, ticks, and dirt. This was a wonderful difference. So tucked in among the "permanent RV's" was our lovely little pop-up. I warned them at the front office to put us in an area where the winter guests had left, cause we can get loud. They did. We did.

We had all the comforts of home. HAH! But we did find the air conditioned bathhouse three days into our trip, so my no-showering-athon was over and I did not smell like chlorine for all six days. The pool was WONDERFUL. The pond had a small gator, so the girls were able to go out and use the pedal boat. It was so much fun...and I will tell you more about the beaches, confederate mansion, and getting caught out in a storm later.

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Leslie said...

Doesn't look like my idea of roughing it! What fun. Bryan wants a camper so bad, I'm just not giving in yet. Maybe when all of the boys are a little older...