Monday, March 1, 2010

Rainbow River State Park 2010

It was a chilly weekend camping over at Rainbow River State Park in Dunnellon, FL. We camped with the Symonds and had some good company and yummy food. Aaron can make up a fire! Games here and there, bike trails and hiking were in the list of things to do too! The girls fished off of a dock and all caught one, even Steve funny that his was the smallest. Samantha was the first to spot an armadillo and we had two great nights of star gazing. With temps dropping into the low thirties, we were glad to have two space heaters in the pop-up! None of us ended up with Mario-withdrawal, but Olivia earned her an hour of playtime by giving Mama a good massage on the way home.

Around the fire we dreamed up vacations in the future of going out west and seeing our great country. It is such a blessing to have such sweet girls who love a life of adventure.

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Janet said...

love the pics - thanks for sharing. Hope to join y'all someday!