Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring has sprung

We celebrated the first day of Spring by heading out to the beach. It is a favorite of our family. It is something we can do over and over, and it is usually combined with seeing Steve's mom and dad, and going to Osaka's. It is a place we love to go get sushi. Steve's dad will just never understand. He tells us to get over that eel and seaweed food. It always scores a ten with us!
My little beach bums! Ready to find treasures.
Within minutes, she was on a hunt for shells and jelly fish!
This one likes to pose. She makes me laugh.
At first they were shy of touching the end, they were chucking them back out into the Gulf.
She loved showing them to all passer-bys.
And all those lessons have paid off!
The water was a cool temp...probably in the sixties, but she does not care. My adventurer.
She was overwhelmed by love for the surroundings, so I reminded her who's idea it was in the first place. This was her reaction.
And the day ended with the sinking of the sun. It was wonderful.

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