Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another hour

Our bodies are not agreeing with whoever it was that decided mid-March was a good time to move the clocks. We are sleeping in until nine, therefore getting the day started out with a little less oomph in our step. Actually, there is quite an oomph in my step because I can see the end of the tunnel when it comes to our school year. Come on shout "Hallelujah" with me!

Olivia is hard at work with her phonics and math. She is becoming a good reader, but likes real stories as opposed to phonics silly nonsense stories. Both of my kids seem to just "get" math. I wonder if I would have been more like them had I had less things in life to worry about. Oh, well, it is fun watching them. We are knee deep in the middle of Medieval Times, and if you could see my backyard, you would think we are recreating an old run down village. Stephanie has her wares out for sell, which include mud, rocks and basically junk she has recycled. Division has been her nemesis, but she finally conquered it this past week, so she feels like the knight who has won the tournament.

Steve is busy with work, editing three different books, becoming a wii tennis star in the moments of spare time and wondering when I am going to divulge the "Spring" to do list. Yes, it is right around the corner. With all the rain we have had, things are turning green and not just to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I feel colorful annuals on my horizon.

We might attempt making some strawberry jelly later this week...like I said I am feeling some spring fever.

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