Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strawberry season!

There is a plethora of strawberries in our neck of the woods, and I have not had the chance to do any canning or jam making with the girls, so we made a plan.

Bought our supplies, and got to doing the work. Neither of them are fans of strawberry jam, but I thought this could change their taste buds!

We had our friends who visit everyday after school help us in this endeavor. Dylan has been making things at this counter since he was a mere one year old. Tara was more interested in eating them, but she loved squishing them too!
Olivia did not get the hair net memo!
Soon this girl will be in the kitchen alone making masterpieces!
Ta-da! We ended up with 12 jars of jam. They prefer it by the spoon rather than on a piece of toast. But they were all proud jam makers!


Janet said...

I love it! We've never made jam at our house - maybe we should give it a try!

The Cannon Chronicles said...