Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First month

Whew, what a first month of being 43! That is all I can refer these feelings back to for some sort of understanding.
*I feel more loved by my great husband than ever and have a new special spot for a sweet new nephew.
*I have a friendship with a woman I have never met in person, but who has buried herself deep into my heart, dreams and prayers. I feel privileged to carry this burden.
*I see opportunities to be quiet and like it rather than not feeling heard.
*I have had some real practice at practicing my boundaries with some success and with some failures.
*I have had a soft spot of my past tugged at as I find my idle thoughts going towards a family in Tennessee with four young girls and their mother's plight with cancer. They serve the Lord. With vigor. And yet, they are walking this road of pain. Yet, I know God's plan is the best, NO MATTER WHAT!
*I am reading Beth Moore's new book and saying so long to insecurity...and how it shows up in my life, and how I would like it to leave.
*I got the ea active for the wii, and have had the sorest thigh muscles ever.... will keep it going!

That sums it all up in a short list....

Stephanie went kayaking yesterday and hiking with a group of kids in Ocala. She had a great time, and it is just the first of many adventures she will go on without me in this life. She keeps spreading her wings, and the years keep passing, soon she will fly.

Olivia is finding her strength in other areas, she is a video-holic. I never saw that coming. She will sit for hours and beat the clock, or some random character who lives in Mario world. She got her first "hollywood" magazine, and hung up posters on her wall. It is kind of funny seeing her crush...many have been here before!


Crystal said...

I came across the Beth Moore book the other day and thought about buying it. Now it sounds like a must. Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!!!


Janet said...

thanks for sharing some insight to your spirit - love you, Jill!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Enjoyed that post! So glad to be part of your life. You bring joy to our family. More than you will know.