Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let the celebrations begin...

With ten days to go, we have already partook in some great holiday gatherings. We had our church party, which is like a variety show. The girls stayed dressed up in their pretties, while being a part of a finale and signed part of the song, The Revelation. It is on the playlist on the side if you need a boost! It was just wonderful.

Pastor Ron shared a story about his best Christmas ever, it was of a night spent in a lonely not so quiet barn structure with noisy and smelly animals. It gave a different perspective on the "Silent Night, Holy Night" idea.
Our extended family gathered for some good company, food and a small gift exchange. The kids (not you Kelley!) had a blast and these kids just keep on growing!
Two weeks ago, the girls had their "winter" recital and they shared a song using flags. It was so worshipful and sweet. No one got banged in the head or lost their flags!

The girls and their Papa (great-grandfather). What a crew!
This is Ms. Barbara's little ballerinas. We love her so!

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