Friday, December 4, 2009

The factory, Hiking and Krispy Kreme (hot)

We had such fun times over our week up in North Carolina. Here are a few of the highlights. I did not get to take pictures while all nine of us were playing Lazer Tag, it was five kids against us adults. We won. I kicked butt. It was such a hoot.
Can you tell Amy won the boxing match? She was sore for a day or two.
Chaice is a good shot!
This cool game/ride was a roller coaster simulator ride. They were cracking me up because they were screaming and laughing.
Posing at the tree before our night at the Factory. Good food and great fun.
This old, old house was on the property we went and explored off of Betty Creek Road. How was it still standing? I bet these old walls could tell some stories. A few squirrels made me flinch a time or two, but I could have stood there for hours just staring at the past that surrounded this home.

I saw this sight as the whole sky was grey, but a hole appeared and the sun made itself known on the side of the mountain. It was so amazing.
Only because the water was flowing, did I let them drink out of it... and only a sip or two.
We found a little creek to explore up in the hills between Sylva, NC, and Franklin, NC.
Rock, paper, scissors passes the time while the donuts are cookin'!
The HOT sign was on.
This girl loves her some donuts....this was trip number two on the same night ! We had to end our night out at a play in Hendersonville, NC and the Flat Rock Playhouse. We saw a great performance of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".
Hot cocoa and a fresh donut...after a few hot ones....oh, well, splurge every once in a while.

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Leslie said...

yummy! My mom loves the "Hot" donut sign...