Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Stephanie

No one can ever say that Stephanie will miss out on celebrating her birthday by having a late December birthday. She gets more parties and cakes than anyone! It was just as busy and fun as in years past. She feels so loved.
Mee-maw got some cupcakes to have a little song and celebration too. We had a great day of being together over at the "Wagner" house. Next year baby cousin Aiden will join us.
Another celebration up in Gainesville. This birthday cake was Grandpa's, but he wanted Stephanie's help.
A girl can never have too many friends. This was a cold day, but lots of fun.
Normal is always nice.
Grandma Porvaznik always lets the birthday girl decorate her own cake. These are the moments I want them to remember with her.
Lots of fun presents from friends!
The cupcake looks like it might blow-up. Nine sparkler candles was almost too much.
This girl cannot get enough play-doh...she has been getting it for nine years straight!
Kay Kay made these yummy cupcakes to help all the friends celebrate at the park. They were delish!


Amy Gail said...

Kelly, those were really good cupcakes. I liked the story of the batter spill in the oven, too. I like the expression on Stephanie's face about the playdoh. One thing I like about Stephanie is that she enjoys the simple things in life. She is fortunate that you do put so much effort into her birthday and make each year memorable. It is not easy to do when it is so close to Christmas celebrations.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday Step! Those girls with December birthdays are extra special!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

I seriously do not know how you have the time to do all this blogging.........oh yeah, I remember. You have a clone in your closet........please send her to me. I need her asap!! Love all the post and love the family pic. You should be in the pics more!! So glad Steph had a wonderful birthday and thanks for letting us all be part of her life.